Der er returret på iTunes ! 
Thursday, 3 March, 6:54 - Teknologi, iPhone
Jeg klagede over en iPhone App på deres dertil indrettede del af min iTunec Account sådan her:

Customer First Name : Flemming Munk
Customer Last Name : Jensen
email : [email protected]
Web Order # : ABCDEFG1234
Support Subject : I inadvertently purchased this application.
Sub Issue : Accidental purchase
Comments : Apple ID: [email protected]
Platform : iTunes-iPhone/4.2.1 (3; 16GB)
Application Name : World Explorer - Made for MineCraft
I got the impression that i could play MineCraft ONLINE the Internet with this App, but it turned out it is ONLY stand-alone single player, and NOT an app that the Markus Persson (the inventor and owner of minecraft / have made. I believe that this App is a parasitic rip off, and would like to undo my purchase. With regards Flemming Munk Jensen

Og fik svar sådan her i dag :
Dear Flemming Munk,

I have reversed the charge for the item that you did not intend to purchase. In three to five business days, a credit of 18.00Kr should be posted to the payment method that appears on the receipt for that purchase.

If the order was paid for with store credit and you cannot see the refund, sign out and back in from the Store menu.


iTunes Store Customer Support

Skod software skal IKKE overleve fordi det er billigt - KLAG hvis du føler dig snydt, for ellers bliver kvaliteten af software kun lavere med tiden!!
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