Game notes for my endeavours in Escape from Tarkov

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First raid EVER and I survived


I bought Escape from Tarkov (EFT) preorder / beta access on january 28. 2022 because I needed something to waste my sparetime on... time will tell if I get hooked.

This page is intended as my own personal reference card to stuff I probably will forget if I do not write it down somewhere :-D

... The Scav-name of my first raid Kot Dzheyk translates to Jake the Cat

Usefull websites


Name Remarks
CeliiiII__ Danish language primarily.

This is my favorite streamer to watch because she and and the community around her is amazing.

Airwingmarine English language.

Great content with a focus on maximizing gains from the Hideout and Flea-market.

ToastRack English language.

Gentleman Tarkov streamer around my own age ;)

My Rig

My CPU and Graphics card are watercooled.

I could bebefit from a new motherboard, CPU and RAM but i get +60 FPS consistently with this rig, so i am inhaling the copium for yet some time to squeeze maximum lifespan out of my +5 year old CPU/MoBo/RAM LUL

Part Information
Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. Z97X-UD5H
CPU Intel Core i7-4790K @ 4.00GHz, Haswell 22nm Technology
RAM 32 Gb Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 800MHz (8-8-8-24)
Storage 512 Gb Samsung NVMe MZVPV512
Graphics card NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti (ZOTAC International)
Monitor LG ULTRAGEAR ([/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection [email protected]]), Samsung SE790C ([/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection [email protected]]), HP E23 G4 ([/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection [email protected]])
Keyboard Cherry MX Board 1.0 TKL
Mouse Logitech MX Master 3
Soundcard Argon HA2 (Burr Brown Japan PCM2702)
Amplifier Schyte SDA-1100
Headset AKG K240 MkII
Mic Thronmax MDrill One Pro
Pants Levi's

Pre-Raid Checklist

Credits for this Checklist goes to ToastRack

  1. Gun
  2. Mags
  3. Ammo
  4. Meds:
    1. Health Points
    2. Small bleeds
    3. Large bleeds
    4. Splint
    5. Surgery
    6. Stimms
  5. Snacks to eat / drink
  6. Keys
  7. Markers etc.
  8. Armor
  9. Helmet
  10. Ears
  11. Repairs
  12. Uber cash
  13. Remove unneeded stuff from pouch
  14. are all finished quests handed in?
  15. Select correct map for next raid!

Hardcore rules

Hardcore Rules for MzDunk/Velion/Jaybaybay 2023

Google doc

Rules for Hardcore Tarkov Season 8 (Patch .12.12.30)
Up to you... could be Max level traders, Colector, etc.

To start:
You may use any account type but must delete alle items in stash including meelee weapon.
If using EDO you may onlly use 2x2 squares - ref. rule 4.

 1: It is allowed to sell stuff to the Traders BUT
 -  you cannot purchase equipment from Dealers or Flea Market with money.
 2: You are allowed to barter for equipment.
 3: No Flea Market.
 4: Secure container can only hold keys.
 -  You can only store keys in Sceure container once you successfully extracted with them.
 -  Doc case, SICC case, Keycard-holder are also allowed to hold keys in Secure container.
 -  You can CTRL+Click or move items into your Secure container ONLY when stationary and you MUST move them out or consume them before moving on. This is to make it possible to eat / drink when naked. If you break this rule you have to drop or delete the object in question.
 5: Mission-specific items, Repairs & Hideout upgrades can be bought using cash.
 6: No Scav Raids.
 7: Only Squad with other Hardcore Players.
 8: No assistance from friends or community - aka. no handouts (streamers only)
 9: You can use Therapist to heal after Raids.
10: You can craft in hideout.
11: You can exchange RUB - USD - EUR via traders only.
12: No Insurance.
13: Can buy containers for cash (Item case, Scav junk box, Mag case, Ammo case etc.)
14: VOIP only (no discord) whilst in raid if playing with a friend.
15: Can VIOP / Collab with any random players (New rule)
  • You become tagged and cursed when going into raids naked - Scavs will hunt you when you get inside an approximately 150 meter radius even without them spotting you directly.

Gear / Loot

Quest items

The EFT WiKi have a great list of Loot that you should hold on to for quests-purposes. Chech it out and get familiar with it... you could even print it out and put it on your wall so you have it handy at all times ;-)

What keys to keep
Key Tool

The Key Tool would be handy to obtain as soon as possible.

Documents case
Mr. Holodilnick thermal bag
M4A1 post Raid #1 upgrade

Console commands

This section contains Console commands that i use.

FPS Counter

  • Press the tilde key ~ on your keyboard to enable the console command interface (either on the menu or in raid).
  • Enter fps 1 in the console bar that appears at the top of your screen and press enter.
  • Alternatively, enter fps 2 for advanced information
  • Enter fps 0 to turn off the counter completely.

Nvidia DLSS

About DLSS

You probably are use/used DLSS wrong when you enabled it the first time so go watch this video made by ChippaWubba --> Enhanced Tarkov with DLSS and DLDSR to learn how to fix your mistake ;-)


  • Texture Quality: medium
  • Shadow Quality: low
  • Object LOD: -> 2
  • Overall visibility: -> 400
  • Anti-aliasing: TAA High -> Off (Disabled because DLSS is enabled)
  • Resampling: 1x (Disabled because DLSS is enabled)
  • NVIDIA DLSS: quality
  • HBAO: max performance
  • SSR: -> Off
  • Anisotropic Filtering: -> per texture
  • Nvidia Reflex Low Latency: -> on + boost
  • Sharpness: 0.1 (No effect on fps.)
  • Lobby FPS Limit: No effect on ingame fps ;-)
  • HighQualityColor: Disabled
  • Z-blur: Disabled
  • Crom. aberrations: Disabled
  • Noise: Disabled
  • Grass shadows: Enabled

Disabling PostFX entirely will help a little on fps.
FOV: No change in fps. (may have different impact on your system)
Only use Physical Cores: Enabled but gave me no change in fps.
Automatic RAM cleaner: Disbled - i got32GB RAM.

12.12 Weapon builds

Tarkov's LOWEST Recoil 5.45 Builds - Budget to Best AK Build Guide -

12.12.30 Weapon builds

For Early Wipe and New Players (Airwingmarine youtube video released 28. june 2022)

Modifications avilable at Loyalty level I


  • Axion Kobra EKP-8-02 reflex sight (dovetail) + Axion Kobra sight shade @ Prapor ~ 12.000 ₽
  • Walter MRS reflex sight @ Skier Loyalty ~ 13800 ₽
  • FF3 sight + FFWB mount @ Peacekeeper ~ 200 $
  • Aimpoint Micro H2 + AMSH mount @ Peacekeeper ~ 275 $

Sights above require a rail:

  • AK AKademia Bastion dustcover
  • HK MP5 MFI HK universal low profile scope mount


  • PSO-1 Scope (dovetail) @ Prapor ~19400 ₽

Flashlights / laserpointer

  • WF501B + 25mm ring
  • GTL 21
  • XC1


  • AK-100 series polymer handguard @ Prapor ~ 1441 ₽
  • RIS II 9.5 CB


  • WASR @ Skier ~ 3968 ₽
  • Zenit RK-6 @
  • KAC VFG @ Peacekeeper ~ 36 $


Jaeger must be unlocked to gain access to his Loyalty level I stuff

  • R43 .366TKM Suppressor <-- Super important early wipe!!
  • EPK-8-18
  • TargetRing (Shotgun optics)
  • PK-AA
  • PK-06
  • Kobra Dovetail rail mount

Guns you can buy as level 1 PMC

Simonov SKS 7.62x39 carbine

+ SKS-A5 20 rounds mags @ Peacekeeper ~ 60 $

Molot VPO-136 "Vepr-KM" 7.62x39 carbine @ Skier ~ 32420 ₽

+ AK AKademia Bastion dustcover

+ AK Zenit RP-1 charging handle

+ AK-100 series polymer handguard

+ Zenit RK-6

+ GTL 21

+ 6P1 Sb.8 pistol grip

Be aware that:

Zenit DTK-4M 7.62x39 muzzle breake-compensator REQUIRES AK 7.62x39 Tactika Tula muzzle adapter (aka. TT AK)

Ammo changes in 12.12.30

The information here is extracted from Gigabeef's video on the subject.

  1. 7.62x39 PS have been buff'ed. (Penetration: 32 --> 35 = 38% chance vs. Class 4)
  2. 5.45x39 PP is going to be even better in the early midgame. (Penetration: 33 --> 36 = 55% chance vs. Class 4)
  3. 5.45x39 BT is going to be a good auto-fire mid-game choice (Penetration: 37 --> 40 = 87% chance vs. Class 4)
  4. .300 AP might be a competitor to the Mutant (Penetration: 45 --> 48 = 65% chance vs. Class 5)

Hip Fire / Point aim

Rengavr made a video about EFT's 'built in' hip-fire cross-hair - watch it! it's goooood and explain the secret B-25U feature.

Game mechanics

  • When doing Scav-runs if cases/boxes/crates are closed but empty on examination it means that they probably was looted before you loaded in. If they are open they were looted after you loaded in. this also applies when doing PMC runs but in this senario you will normally not encounter closed loot-containers as I understand it.

Stash management

Use your stash areas inteligently... I suggest something like this:

|  Store consumables here.
|  Use the area below for
|  building weapons etc.
|  Use this area as a
|  transition / temporary
|  storage area where you
|  can store stuff between
|  stash cleanup-sessions
|  Use this area as a
|  long-term storage area
|  for hard to find quest-
|  items for Kappa etc.

You can vary the size of the three areas by moving the "virtual barrier" below the consumables- and above the long-term storage-area.

Just try to keep an area between the upper and the lower free so you can work there.

Map hints


  • Visual guide to the 37 Caches by Pestily.
  • Buy a cheap weapon and nothing else and go to Shoreline and locate the sniper rock. Kill the 1 or 2 sniper scavs that spawn there. Watch this for a tutorial on how to get on top of the rock to loot them. They always have either a scoped Mosin or sks and semi decent loot for a new player. Extract at path to lighthouse, or road to customs. Rinse and repeat for ez loot.

Video guides

Nvidia Settings

In game graphics settings


  • Stuck on "Awaiting session start" should be exclusively on your scav ; if you're stuck on "Awaiting session start" specifically for more than 5 minutes ; it's a good indicator that you're desynced and need to Alt+F4 and restart the game.

Server locations

This is the approximate locations of EFT servers based on the name-column in the Launchers game server list.

Scav Voicelines in english

" Have you ever wondered what the SCAVS are saying? How to tell the difference between a SCAV that has agroed to you or a SCAV that has just been activated by your vicinity. I hope you enjoy this video explaining the difference between these nuances."

This list is incomplete and translations are unconfirmed/not verified ;-)

Voiceline Translation
Stryomnoye mestechko "Stryom" means fear, "mesto" is a place. Kind of like "This place is giving me shivers"
Khot' mne tut pizdets kak ne nravitsya, no vykhoda u nas net Although I don't f*cking like it here, we don't really have a choice
A vot tut drugan moy byval, tochno Oh! My friend was here once, that's for sure!
I kto tak voyuyet? Tak tol'ko debily voyuyut! Who even fights like this? Only idiots fight like this!
A, bashka bolit.. Bukhat' nado men'she Argh, got a headache. I should drink less.
Paskuda! Used to describe a bad person who has done bad deeds;
Suka-a-a! Biiii*ch!
Vot khuy! What a d*ck!
Chiki-briki, pal'chik vykin' Chiki-bricki is a phrase that is meant to describe an act of cutting something off. "Pal'chik vykin" means "throw a finger away". Basically a Russian version of "This little piggy went to the market" with a finger (toe in case with piggy) that was cut off.
Nu davay, davay! Come on, come on!
Davay, davay-davay! Come on, come on - come on!
Davay, machee eeh! (Divide my cheeks ;) Come on! F*ck them up! (this one doesn't actually have swear words in it, "mochi" literally means make somebody wet (not this way, you perv!) by trying to drown them (assuming in a barrel or bucket of water or something). "Ikh" = them. Basically a call to kill somebody.
Mrazota! Another word to describe somebody nasty and bad as a person, this one has a hint of "disgusting".
Khe, s utra vypil - den' svoboden A catchphrase from Scav, that means "He-he... have a drink in the morning and free up your day" (meaning this was the only thing planned for the day)
Osobenno von tot parenok v belom, krasava blin Especially that dude wearing white, what a legend! (legend is pretty far from original here, but it's used in a same way by English-speaking society)
Urod! Descriptive for a person who has done bad deeds, literally means "Ugly", but in this context it's used as a "Ugly f*ck!"
Ot medvedya yeshcho nikto tselym ne ukhodil! No one has yet escaped from a bear alive! (he's using "tselym" though, it means "in one piece")
Khuyar' medvedya! F*ck the bear up! (referring to a member of PMC "Bears")
Da yobushki-vorobushki No way to translate this literally, it has a meaning of "For f*cks sake".
Blya, rabotayem, rabotayem F*ck! Work them over! - would be the closest way to phrase it. Scav means "let's work!" literally, meaning that killing is the job here.
Gandon yebuchiy! F*cking condom! (condom could be used as quite an offensive way to describe a person who have done bad deeds)
Poshol, poshol! Move, move!
Shcha k barygam, a potom - po babam First to the pawn shop and then to b*tches. (He doesn't actually say "cutie", but he means pretty loose women here)
Dostalo uzhe vso eto I'm so done with this already.
Chto, zabyl kto te baton v budku zakidyvayet? Did you forget who's d*ck you're sucking? (He's saying this in a bit funnier way: "Did you forget who's throwing his baguette into your doghouse?" ("Budka" means a doghouse, oftentimes used to describe head, lol))
Ey, uyobok! Nu kak tam tebe, pechot!? Hey, f*cktard! Is it getting hot yet!?
Khm Hmm. (would you guess?)
Kak zhe zayebalo vso I'm so f*cking done.
Von von von, von on suka There there there, he is a bitch
Gasee yevo patsanii gasee eta you-bee-she... ah blyadz zshree sooka Kill him, Guy's kill that motherfucker... ah eat this biitch!
Von on oopiirr There is the goul!
eeee tii kooda pashol? Heey... where did you go?
Zdoh-knee tvarr Die beast
Arhh rooka... aaa sooka Arrh my arm... aaa biitch

BEAR Voicelines in english

This list is incomplete and translations are unconfirmed/not verified ;-)

Voiceline Translation
O'pah - nah Phrase to show surprise like "Whoa!"
Smotreem pod nagee pod nagee smotreem We must be carefull where you/we step/walk.
Slyshtye davaytye kak ta organaneezovano blyadz C'mon let's do this in a f'ckin organized manner
Aah baska baleet boohats menshe nada Aah my head hurts i need to drink less
Ney ponyal I do not understand
plogha slishna It is hard to hear
Yesho raz Please repeat that again
Pavtaree Repeat (order)
Na pazitsee In position / place
Krasafchick Good job man!
Pagenal Moving out / Im leaving