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This is a placeholder for my Elite: Dangerous stuff.

Websites with info

Ship builds



Location, location, location

Outfitter systems

Find a High Tech system with a high population, and you will find lots of good stuff for you ship... be aware that stock can run out, and you might not see the same collection of stuff every time you visit.

  • Lembava - seems hostile...
  • Shinrarta Dezhra is fantastic - has everything in stock - But you need be "Elite" in at least one of the three categories to access it ;-)

Mining systems

Scoopable Stars

If there are multiple star types in the system with at least one being scoopable, you need to be aware that you always jump in to the star with the largest mass and this is not necessarily the scoopable star. You may well jump in at a white dwarf (DA/DC) which has a much greater mass than a scoopable M-star in the same system. In this scenario you will need to search for the scoopable star so bear this in mind if you're running on fumes.

One easy way to remember which stars are scoopable is to remember the phrase: Oh Be A Fine Girl Kiss Me (O,B,A,F,G,K,M).


Other SOI's

If you're just looking for merits then your best bet is to go undermining another non Imperial power if you gave a combat ship.

Purut is a good choice because it's an Anarchy control system of Li Yong-Rui's, so you won't get a bounty for attacking his ships.

Just interdict and destroy any non Empire power ships for 15 merits each. This goes much quicker in a wing due to increased NPC density.